Session 2 – Plenary Session

מרצה: Ehud Rath, Prof Gideon Mann, Richard Field, Robroy Martin, Michal Horowitz
תאריך: 29/09/2015 - 30/09/2015
  • Opening ceremony. Ehud Rath, Chairman of the Israeli society for sports medicine 
  • Honorary Member Award – Prof Gideon Mann 
  • Biologic treatments for articular cartilage repair: stem cells, platelet rich plasma. Richard Field 
  • Sources of Posterior Hip Pain: Ischial Femoral Impingement, Greater Trochanteric Ischial Impingement, and Nerve Entrapment. Robroy Martin 
  • Short and long term heat acclimation – A link to thermal tolerance during exercise in the heat. Michal Horowitz