Voluntary Running Suppresses Tumor Growth through Epinephrine- and IL-6-Dependent NK Cell Mobilization and Redistribution.

תאריך: 08/03/2016
מאת: Cell Metabolism

Regular exercise reduces the risk of cancer and disease recurrence. Yet the mechanisms behind this protection remain to be elucidated. In this study, tumor-bearing mice randomized to voluntary wheel running showed over 60% reduction in tumor incidence and growth across five different tumor models.

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Effects and dose–response relationships of resistance training on physical performance in youth athletes: a systematic review and meta-analysis

תאריך: 12/01/2016
מאת: Br J Sports Med

Objectives To quantify age, sex, sport and training type-specific effects of resistance training on physical performance, and to characterise dose–response relationships of resistance training parameters that could maximise gains in physical performance in youth athletes.

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What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Fitter: A Systematic Review of High-Intensity Interval Exercise for Patients with Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases

תאריך: 25/06/2015
מאת: Clinical Medicine Insights: Cardiology
High-intensity interval exercise (HIIE) has gained popularity in recent years for patients with cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Despite potential benefits, concerns remain about the safety of the acute response (during and/or within 24 hours postexercise) to a single session of HIIE for these cohorts

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אימון אקצנטרי או אימון מבוסס העמסה ? (Am J Sports Med)

תאריך: 27/05/2015
מאת: Am J Sports Med

מחקר חדש מצא כי בהשוואה בין השניים נראה כי שני סוגי משטרי האימון מביאים לשיפור קליני מתמשך במטופלים אך כי דווקא לאימון HSR (ר"ת של heavy slow resistance  ) ניכרת שביעות רצון גבוהה יותר בקרב המטופלים לאחר 12 ו-52 שבועות.

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