About Us

About the Israel Society of Sports Medicine

The Israel Society of Sports Medicine (ISSM)

is a multi-disciplinary academic organization of medical and health professionals, who practice sports medicine in Israel. We are part of the Israel Medical Association (IMA), and our members include orthopedics, pediatricians, family and emergency physicians, general practitioners, physical therapists, exercise physiologists, and athletic trainers, that are dedicated to education, collaboration, distribution and promotion of sports medicine's expertise in Israel.

The objectives of the ISSM are:

  • To facilitate the understanding of the role of physical activity in disease prevention and treatment, among the Israeli population.
  • To disseminate the principles and methods of practicing sports medicine among Israeli medical and health professionals.
  • To advance research in basic science, as well as clinical research, in the different fields of sports medicine.
  • To promote the knowledge and education of sports injuries prevention and rehabilitation, among the Israeli population.
  • To establish common strength and propagate a Sports Medicine Code of Ethics.

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